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 Demonoid Free Invitation Code

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PostSubject: Demonoid Free Invitation Code   Demonoid Free Invitation Code EmptySun Aug 09, 2009 4:19 am

Demonoid Free Invitation Code Demonoid-logo
What is Demonoid?
Demonoid is a website and BitTorrent tracker created by an anonymous Serbian known only by the pseudonym "Deimos". The website indexes torrents uploaded by its members. It was the second largest,[1][2] and is the most popular, semi-public tracker,[3] and was ranked the 499th most popular website overall in December 2008, according to Alexa.[4] Demonoid's torrent tracker had an estimated 3 million peers in September 2007.[3]

The site went offline on November 9, 2007, reportedly due to legal threats to their service provider, from the Canadian Recording Industry Association. The site then came back online on April 11, 2008. The homepage announced that the site had a new administrator, and that the old one (Deimos) had left for personal reasons.

The site had over 252,427 torrents indexed as of May 3, 2009 (torrents uploaded prior to August 4, 2005 were removed to free server resources).

How to Avail this Codes?

Users Must have:
1. Existing 100posts herein Forum.
2. Known to be a Loyal Techies.
3. With atleast 80points.
4. With a Good Record herein TechMates.
6. Must Put to their Profiles such as Friendster, Facebook, or Plurk.

Who will give this codes?
You will receive your Request codes by sending a mail to:
With the Following information:
Subject: Request Demonoid Code
Real Name:
Techmate Forum Name:

Don't Forget to put your Name herein Forum, and those granted request
will get their code right away, but to those didn't receive any replies,

Thank You.

Extra Info:
Demonoid is a Site where all kinds of software whether Legal or Illegal can be found. Its like a
Free Software, Music, etc. download site.

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Demonoid Free Invitation Code
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