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 Right Click Comment

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PostSubject: Right Click Comment   Tue Jul 28, 2009 2:07 am

credits : friendstertutorial
you just need:
common sense
its easy just use er common sense
repu are appreciated and also comments if ur going to use keepsafe hope u can do it

# Copy and edit the codes ,uid=ur_uid <– look for this, put there your friendster id, you can also change the messages!!Done?
# Go to Ripway and sign up/sign in
# Click “My Files” then “Create Text File“
# Paste the codes and paste in the text box
# Then name it as rightclickcomment.js
# Last copy the direct link of your file eg. http://h1.badwaresite.www/username/rightclickcomment.js
After you finished that generate the url on Javascript linker→

/*Right Click Comment*/
/*Posted By: Kalvin on*/

function rightclickcoments(){
sorry=confirm("would you like to drop some comment for me??")
alert("thank you "+pageViewerFName+" !! ^^")
    window.location.href ="";
alert("no problem .../ May Be later my friend")
return false

I dont Have Preview maams/sirs!
but im Sure it Works..

YM: jorgy_rom

"Kahit hindi naging tau sa huli..,Ikaw parin ang First Love ko"
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Right Click Comment
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